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Five French Euros

Updated: Mar 5

Are five French Euros the key to creating fair fashion?

As we celebrate International Womens Day this week, is there any cause for celebration for women textile workers in Bangladesh?  

Are the moves afoot to change the way we do fashion hitting the mark?

Over the last two decades we have become increasingly aware of the high cost of fast fashion; The Rana Plaza disaster in Dhaka however in 2013 was a marker in the sand.

The world looked on in 2013 and saw the stark reality …. its ugliness and the inadequacy of protection for women textile workers supplying the global market with our fast fashion.

Many women lost their lives and for others a decision was made to never return to the difficult lives in textiles.  More than 63 percent of Rana Plaza survivors have chosen never to work in a garment factory again.

We need to find ways to unpick the way we do fashion, and the French government are showing us the way.


As of November 2023 residents of France became eligible for a subsidy for resoling shoes or mending their clothes.  This makes it easier for them to repair their existing clothes and shoes instead of discarding them. 

This week French pioneering politicans are taking a step further in moves to impose a €5 levy on cheap fast fashion. The idea is to put a stop to the system where the 5 Euro T shirt finds its onto the market without paying the true environmental and social cost. 

The jury is out on whether it’s the best mechanism but it feels like a positive step forward.

Theres many ways of bringing fair fashion into your life:

Shop Consciously: Opt for sustainable and ethical fashion brands that prioritize eco-friendly materials, fair labour practices, and transparency in their supply chains. By supporting responsible brands, you encourage positive change in the industry.

Buy Less, Choose Quality: Rethink your shopping habits. Instead of frequent impulse purchases, invest in high-quality garments that will last longer. Consider the cost per wear—how many times you’ll actually wear an item—before making a purchase.

Donate or Sell: Rather than discarding clothing, donate gently used items to charity or sell them. Extend the life of your garments by passing them on to someone else who can appreciate them.

Host a Clothing Swap: Organize a clothing swap with friends or neighbors. It’s a fun way to refresh your wardrobe without contributing to fast fashion. You’ll find new pieces while giving your old ones a second life.

Secondhand Shopping: Explore charity shops, and online platforms for pre-loved clothing. Buying secondhand reduces demand for new production and minimizes waste.

Repurpose Old Clothing: Get creative! Transform old garments into something new. Upcycle T-shirts into tote bags, turn jeans into shorts, or repurpose fabric for home projects. Your imagination is the limit. 

On International Womens Day lets support women across the globe by finding ways for fairer fashion.

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