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Gentle Living in Milan

The energetic, spirited, bustling, creative Milan may not be the obvious place for discovering a more gentle way of living on our planet.

During my visit to last weeks Design Week in Milan, I was met by a gathering of creative souls who are on a mission to do just this. After a beautiful journey by train from London through the Alps last week I arrived to be greeted by a wonderful display of innovative and sustainable design ideas at the Flourisalone: Milan's Design Week.

Changing the way we move, we package, we think, for the better is at the heart of the WORTH Exhibition in Milan.

The inspirational exhibition was packed with innovative ideas. Laura Meehan, brought along her winning project from Merseyside,UK. Laura bought her plastic free and deodorant, NADA, elegantly packaged by her Portuguese partners who have processed the cork.

Nut Creatives from Spain were there with beautiful wooden furniture which had been developed without the use of formaldehyde using Finnish wood.

The WORTH programme exists to support cross European partnerships to develop new ideas, it is devoted to the New European Bauhaus Initiative, which has a mission to create solutions that contributed to more beautiful, sustainable and inclusive living environments. The Worth Exhibition was there to celebrate and give a platform to the 50 projects lucky enough to be selected for support from WORTH, which included Turtle Bags

We were delighted to have been selected for this award and were here to join together with the team from the Turin based design agency DESIGNGANG to present the first prototype of our sustainable shopping Trolley. Trolleys have received so little by way of design and sustainability input and have been so ready for an overhaul. The trolley offers an opportunity to live more sustainably and embrace local shopping.

Our Turtle Trolley is framed by a beautiful moulded birch handle. The trolley is multifunctional, complete with a sturdy platform. Not only can you move your shopping stylishly around but it’s perfect for moving the plants/shifting the pots and festival living

The waterproof organic cotton bag detaches to become a beautiful backpack, and proudly took its place at this forward thinking exhibition.

If you like the idea of what we are doing and would like to stay in touch please leave your details on our project page we would welcome your views and support.

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