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Turtley Unique, it's all in the name!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Post-it, Velcro, Pyrex, Turtle Bags; we share something in common.

As brands we have all become known for one particular product.

Chatting to a group of Portuguese stores last week there was a realisation that after 20 years of trading that our wonderful string bags, our hero products, had finally come part of our everyday language.

This particular customer had been delighted to find some ‘turtle bags” for their stores only to find that they weren't! They then were lucky enough to find the real McCoy, the real Turtle Bag. They have had a chat with us and are set to replace their turtle bags with Turtle Bags.

Its a wonderful compliment that we as a company had achieved this particular right of passage, that the generic string bag has become known as the Turtle Bags.

There are downsides.

So, for todays blog, I am climbing up onto my soap box to proclaim to the world; We are the Real Turtle Bags.

Turtle Bags was established in the early 2000’s to raise awareness about the hazards of plastics to marine life. We introduced, and continue to introduce, many different bag designs and with each of them we conscientiously explore the ethical and environmental repercussions of making them. People and planet are key.

This means, in the case of our string bags, we ensure the cotton is both Fairtrade and organic. This comes with no light weight commitment or faint hearted understanding.

If you have seen our videos you will know we have met the farmers who grow our cotton. We are confident of how much growing cotton sustainably means to the soil, water supplies and local communities who grow them in India. The process of growing organically involves putting plant material into the soil. In improving the fabric of the soil, it is not only able to store more carbon but also hold water. Growing cotton organically results in an estimated 91% reduction in water consumption.

So should you stumble across folk marketing string bags as Turtle Bags and they are made from conventionally grown cotton, nylon or polyester materials.... have a thought for the planet and only take the plunge if you see our trademark ‘Terry’ on the paper wrapper or on the collar of the bag.

You’ll be safe in the knowledge that these are the real Turtle Bags

Explore more

If you are interested in learning more about the positive story around soils and climate change there is a great Netflix film produced in 2020 Kiss the Ground, link to trailer For information on organic cotton visit the Soil Associations report.

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